Threat Modeling for Lawyers

Clients trust their lawyers with secrets. Betting on what reasonably law you observe, those shopper confidences is also benign. Or they will be your clients’ darkest secrets that would land them in jail.

OPSEC stands for “operations security.” It’s the practice of distinctive necessary info and taking thorough measures to shield it.

In the past, secrets typically stayed in lawyers’ heads or in paper files in a much barred workplace. With the conversion of a lot of our lives, they’ve moved into our computers, our pockets, and also the cloud. This can be enormously convenient, of course, however it additionally has risks. This series of posts aims to assist shield your clients’ secrets—first by thinking through the threats, then by securing your info with a number of the simplest tools obtainable these days.

What’s Your Threat Model?

Before you rush to alter your behavior, you initially ought to perceive who your potential adversaries are, and so assess what much of a threat they every cause. Security professionals decision this your threat model.

What Are You Protecting?

While brooding about your threat model, suppose initial regarding what you’re protective. For lawyers, that’s shopper secrets and work product. This encompasses several things, including:

Your email (and copies of your emails square measure most likely within the cloud, on your PC, and on your phone),

Your shopper files, as well as those on your server or in your apply management software system, and therefore the papers strewn across your table.

Any other recorded communications along with your purchasers.

Yes, opsec includes over simply digital security. You continue to have to be compelled to lock the door to your workplace to stop thieves planning to your secrets the old school method.

Start by creating a listing of all the accounts and locations which may contain shopper secrets or work product.

Who Are You Protecting Against?

Depending on your apply space and clients—and currently, your analysis of smoke signals coming back from the Trump transition team—your opponents may embody opposing counsel, opposing parties, random hackers, the Chinese government, Russian organized law-breaking gangs, foreign intelligence agencies, or the national.

How likely is Each Threat?

Not all of those represent constant magnitude of threat, of course. Most US lawyers wouldn’t hack their opposing counsel (although many astoundingly unethical ones will). This implies that easier measures can doubtless serve. However if you’re suing a Russian state-owned public utility, or if you represent a high-level politician, you’ll need to stress a lot of concerning advanced adversaries, and you must take completely different precautions.

To learn a lot of concerning threat modeling, browse the section dedicated to it within the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s police work self-defense guide.

The Ethics Angle

Of course, legal ethics rules need lawyers to stay shopper secrets confidential. The ABA Model Rules specifically mention the duty to forestall unauthorized access. Model Rule one.6(c) says:

“A professional shall build cheap efforts to forestall the unintended or unauthorized speech act of, or unauthorized access to, data concerning the illustration of a shopper.”
Despite some efforts toward giving this demand a lot of teeth, what’s “reasonable” has ne’er been terribly clear. Notwithstanding what your rules say, what’s terribly clear is that if your shopper gets screwed as a result of you bought hacked, you’re planning to have a nasty time.

If you’re thinking that through your threat model and use the tools within the next few posts, you’ll be doing approach higher than most lawyers. And if you wish some facilitate obtaining started on putting in a threat model, here may be a free model to assist you assess your risks.

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10 tips for writing a First Class LLB Dissertation

Writing a dissertation as part of my LLB was undoubtedly the most challenging thing that I have had to do at university, but it also turned out to be the most rewarding.


Like many, I was initially quite apprehensive about writing such an extensive piece.  Universities recognize this and will provide students with detailed structural and formatting guidelines for writing law dissertations, as well as some high-level guidance with regards to being original and analytical.  However, I found that there was a lack of law dissertation help from those who had been through the process and so I thought it would be good to share some wisdom from my own experience and that of others.

  1. Choose a law dissertation topic that inspires you

Students are likely to be given a list of potential questions to aid them in their search selection process. My advice would be to generally steer clear of these. It’s unlikely that you’ll feel truly inspired by a set question, however they can be useful as a basis for tailoring or simply generating ideas. From speaking to students that achieved the highest grades for their law dissertations, it’s clear that they all had a genuine interest in what they were writing about. Creating a unique question encourages original analysis and is likely to be more interesting from a marker’s perspective.

  1. Start your Research Early

The law library can become a bit like something out of Lord of the Flies as people turn their attention to reading everything that has ever been written about their chosen topic. Ordinary library rules of borrowing and returning may appear to go up in smoke and it can feel like every person for themselves. The earlier you start your law dissertation writing, the less likely it is you’ll encounter any problems. Whatever forms the basis of your research, ensure that you keep track of it. A great way to do this is by completing a bibliography of law dissertation as you go, rather than at the very end. There is nothing worse than forgetting in which case or by which judge you read a great dictum.

  1. Make the most of your time

It is oft said that the human brain can only focus for 30-40 minutes at a time, however students are often guilty of ignoring this in favor of cramming for hours on end. This is likely to have a negative effect on the quality of your law dissertation writing. I found that breaking my time up into 40-minute periods, with 20-minute breaks in between, increased my productivity. I also found that setting myself achievable daily targets made the task of writing an extended piece seem less daunting: 15,000 words to be completed in 3 months suddenly becomes just 170 words a day! Leave time for reviewing your finished dissertation and make sure you beat the queue at the local printing and binding business.

  1. Get in the zone

It is vital that you create and work in an environment that is conducive to productivity and creative thought.  That doesn’t mean installing soundproof walls and non-reflective surfaces. Everyone is different but I found that sitting at a desk with just a pen and paper to jot down ideas. Temporarily blocking certain websites might be a good idea, otherwise the temptation to binge-watch ‘Making A Murderer’ again will always be there!

  1. Think about the bigger picture

The law doesn’t operate in isolation. Many students make the mistake of simply writing about what the law was or what the law is without necessarily considering the wider social, political or economic consequences of the legislation or case law.

  1. Know the law

This goes without saying, but one of the major problems that students come up against is the evolutionary nature of the law. You will begin researching months before the submission date and there are likely to be some changes in that time. It’s therefore essential that you read relevant publications, bulletins and updates on the area of law you are writing about. Reading blogs by law firms is often a good way to keep track of any changes. Every couple of weeks I would also check on Lexis that the cases I had referred to were still good authority for the points I wanted to make.

  1. Talk about it

Becoming isolated from friends and family as you focus your full attention on your dissertation is not good for either the quality of your law dissertation or your general well-being. A great bit of advice I was given was to pair up with another student to allow us to talk about our projects and bounce ideas of each other.

  1. Keep a notepad

Given the amount of focus and effort that you put into your law dissertation, random moments of insight are likely to arise as you carry out daily tasks. I would sometimes find myself returning home from work with something that resembled a sleeve tattoo drawn by a toddler. Better to avoid hastily scribbling notes on your arm and carry a notepad for law dissertation writing! Now and again I would also be awoken from my sleep by an idea and would have to write it down.

Easy Custom Law Essay Writing Service

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